People of Ukraine: Get free emotional support from mental health professionals

We have assembled a team of volunteer mental health professionals. We want to help you cope with the emotional burden this war has brought.

Our services are and will remain 100% free.

All mental health professionals speak English and/or Russian.

Sign up, and you will see a list of mental health professionals who are ready to talk to you. You will communicate with them securely using our website on your phone or laptop.

How it works


After you sign up, we will present a few mental health professionals who are available to have a call with you.


You can immediately send a message to a psychologist you choose. The psychologist will reply to you and offer a time for a video/phone call.


You and your mental health professional will call using our secure video call technology at the agreed time.

Our team is ready to give you the emotional support you need so much.
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Are you a mental health professional who wants to volunteer and offer emotional support?

Apply now - we only need a copy of your diploma and basic info about your experience. Once approved, you will immediately start receiving inquiries from the Ukrainian people.
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Who's behind this?

This project is created by:

„Pasikalbėk“ ("Let's Talk" in English) is a Mental Health Service, located in Lithuania. This service offers a platform where people seeking to talk to a therapist can do so easily. To date, the platform has united over 70 mental health professionals.

Project administration partner:

„Gali Būti“ ("May be" in English) is a Lithuanian based psychotherapy clinic with an excellent reputation. They offered to voluntarily help to administer this project.